Luke 2:40 esv


Jesus didn’t go from the manger to the cross overnight.  
He was divine but also human.  
He was a baby, a child, a teen, an adult.  
He grew and matured, became strong and wise;
not overnight but over time.

Have you thought about Jesus, the person, growing up
physically, intellectually, and spiritually?
Is it comforting to you to know that it took time for Jesus to grow,
not just in body 
but also in spirit and wisdom?

Blessings this day of grace,


Picture: Google Images

4 thoughts on “Luke 2:40 esv

  1. Blessings and His peace to this house, and all who visit. I take great comfort in knowing Jesus is a real person, God in the flesh, even now in the new flesh which will be ours too one day. Too often folk wisdom invades our sense of the things of God, and reading these devotions is one of the many ways I keep my eyes looking up. Thanks Patricia, and you too Seeker.

    • It is comforting and humbling to know Jesus is a real person. The world’s wisdom is not the Lords though it would have us think it is one and the same. Thank you for reading and commenting, Gregory. You are such an encouragement to me. Blessings to you and Christine.

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