Luke 22:44 esv


Most of us do what we can to avoid pain.
We pray for release from pain and suffering.
Yet, here is Jesus, praying and in agony.
He doesn’t stop praying He prays more seriously,  
until His sweat was like big drops of blood.

Deep fervent prayer is not self-centered and hollow.
It is prayer that is humble and committed to God’s will
to the point of being broken and emptied of self.

At times I have been in prayer and have cried with hurt and in pain.
   But, I cannot honestly say I have come to agony when I pray,
not like Jesus, my perfect example of praying for God’s will in all things.
Have you?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: PublicDomainPictures

4 thoughts on “Luke 22:44 esv

    • I am so happy you found my devotional blog. This is where my heart is… I believe the purpose in God’s plan for me is found here. I hope you come again. Thank you for commenting so I know you have been here. I will pray for your health and spirit…that you will be freed from your pain. If there is specific prayer please email me…the link is at the top “Private Conversations”.

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