Matthew 6:13 esv


God does not tempt us to sin,
but He does allow circumstances
to try or test us that could cause us to fall into temptation
if we do not look to Him for the strength to stand firm and steadfast.

We pray to be rescued, taken out of or away from, 
not only satan but all people, places, and things
that tolerate or encourage sin and evil as an acceptable way of life. 

What tempts you most people, places, or things?
How have you been rescued from the temptation of evil?

Blessings this day of grace,


4 thoughts on “Matthew 6:13 esv

  1. Here’s a confession for you…when I was on that high dose of Prednisone over Christmas, I had a strong urge to steal things, out of anger I think….from stores…cookies from Starbucks…would toss them in my bag…I finally realized, that was not who I wanted to be even it I was overly medicated and upset that this hearing loss happened to me. I wanted to proceed with grace, not larceny…so yes, I’ve fought temptation tooth and nail.

    • Does it not feel good to win over temptation?! You have been in a tough season for sure. I know that you are sensitive and respond to the promptings of the Spirit…if you were not you would allow anger and bitterness to rule. Your strength is being tested and you are gaining the muscle you need to overcome adversity. Soldier on!

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