1 John 4:21 esv


To love our brothers and sisters is not a suggestion
it is a command.

Does being commanded to love make you uncomfortable?
Do you think love should just come naturally without effort?

Blessings this day of grace,


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5 thoughts on “1 John 4:21 esv

  1. I try so hard to love unconditionally but slip…there’s one person who I love that way as challenging as it can be sometimes and it’s taught me so much…there’s a purity in it that allows me to really glimpse how right loving that way is. My sensitivity spars with it though, but I’ll keep on trying.

  2. From the top of my head there is a verse: As the Heavenly Father loves me, so I have love you, spoke by Jesus. It’s a given. One cannot live without loving. With love and prayers to you, Patricia.

    • I think there are people without love in this world. Those who are not loved have little experience of the wonder of love.. They live but do not thrive. Those of us who know Jesus are in the world to witness to those who do not know Him and are lost in a loveless place.
      Thank you for your loving heart, my friend. Blessings to you…

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