Philippians 4:8 esv

thinkWhat we think about is up to us.
We can think negative, harsh, depressing, unkind, ugly thoughts or
 we can think positive, lovely, encouraging, kind, beautiful thoughts.
Negative thoughts bring us down positive thoughts lift us up.

Yes, at times there is:
ugliness, meanness, sadness, suffering, wretchedness in life. 
Even in those awful times there is:
truth, honor, goodness, purity, beauty, ideals, excellence.
Let us be gracious and merciful in our thoughts;
praising Him from whom all blessings flow.

Are you thoughts most often encouraging and uplifting?
How do you change your thinking when thoughts are less than positive?

Blessings this day of grace,



6 thoughts on “Philippians 4:8 esv

  1. I so wish i could master a change in my thoughts. I’m so full of fear of the future…it’s robbing me of the day. Practice…need to practice having more faith and trust. But when you’re alone it’s hard to think something you can’t see will catch you if you fall. Your posts are lovely Patricia.

    • Thank you, Susannah. You are not alone! I will pray with you for peace and confidence in the future. God is faithful and will never let you go where He is not if you will trust Him and listen for the Spirit’s encouragement and direction.

    • Yes, the evil one is cunning and pushy. He will do whatever he can to push us to his side. But God is good and has given His Spirit to help us be aware and strong against the games of the devil.

  2. I caught myself the other day thinking very negative thoughts. I grabbed hold of myself and said, I resist those thoughts in the Name of Jesus because I have the mind of Christ and His mind is always at peace. Of course I had to do the same thing over again another day, but I’m getting better at catching those little foxes sooner. 🙂

    • Good for you, Elizabeth. The first step is realizing the negative thoughts are not the Lord’s prompting. I find I must be vigilant in keeping my thoughts positive. The negativity sneaks in uninvited and sometimes I don’t notice. I think of the “little foxes” as spiders weaving their nasty webs. Housekeeping is important.

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