Isaiah 49:5-6 gwt


The man Jesus was created by God not only to bring the wayward Israel
back to Him but to gather people from all over the world.
God’s plan and purpose for Jesus was to be the saving light for all.  
To do this the servant, Jesus, relied on the strength of his Father.

We are told to stand on our own two feet, be strong and independent.
But even Jesus found strength outside of himself looking to God for what he needed.
To live out the plan and purpose God has for us let us look, as Jesus did, to God for strength.

Does it surprise you that Jesus looked to God for strength?
How does God given you strength when you need it?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: pixabay

2 thoughts on “Isaiah 49:5-6 gwt

    • It is so humbling to think that Jesus turned to his Father for strength. We are taught to be strong in ourselves but we do need to know that our strength is limited and we need it renewed and refreshed which is something we cannot do ourselves.

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