Isaiah 53:3 nlt


God’s servant knows what it means to be hurt, deeply hurt.
He knows the misery of being misunderstood and spurned.
He knows the pain of being unloved.

Jesus knows what it is to be alone in misery.
He has felt all the hurt and pain we know in our lives.
He understands and will not leave us alone in our sorrows.
He cares.

What are you feeling as you read this verse?
What do you want to say to Jesus today?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: pixabay

2 thoughts on “Isaiah 53:3 nlt

    • This verse made my heart ache. I have read it many times before but while preparing to write this post I realized how often I turn away from Jesus to do things my way. It is like I don’t care about Him when I do that. I pray that I will be more careful of my words and ways and always remember He never leaves me alone.
      How good to have you here, Debbie. I miss your words here and on your blog.

What are your thoughts?

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