Matthew 28:1-2,5-6 hcs

tombThe women went to the tomb wanting to see Jesus.
What they saw; stunned soldiers, an empty tomb, and an angel.
Imagine what they must have felt seeing all this
and then to have the angel tell them that
Jesus is alive!

What do you think you would have felt and thought?
What do you think and feel when you read this passage?

Blessings this day of grace,


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5 thoughts on “Matthew 28:1-2,5-6 hcs

  1. You always ask such good questions . ..that I’m not smart enough to answer! Tonight I am thinking about what other things He has told me in His word, that I might not really understand or grasp, until it is manifested in my life. Like when He told them what would happen to Him, but still they were in shock. Thanks, Patricia, and God bless you as you help us study and reflect on His word.

    • Thank you, Debbie, you are encouraging me in what I see as my mission here. These are questions that come to me when I am preparing these little devotions. Things I wonder about. And sometimes things the Lord wants me to learn! There are no right or wrong answers…the Spirit leads us on our journey.

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