Romans 5:2-4 esv

sunset4Because we live in the grace of Christ does not mean life is always easy.
Troubles and trials are allowed in our lives as part of the process of perfection.
Rejoicing is not our natural response to suffering; it is our nature to reject suffering.
If we abide in faith, knowing we live in His grace, our trials will develop our character,
transform our lives, and bring us joy 
in the hope we have in Christ.

Are you able to look at your suffering to see purpose in it?
Can you look beyond the suffering and see the hope that is your joy?

Blessings this day of grace,


5 thoughts on “Romans 5:2-4 esv

  1. I’m tired of my trials to be perfectly honest. I keep calling the Unity 24 hour prayer line for support. My fear has overtaken me concerning the future. I watch Joyce Meyer sometimes and she always says, cast your care. I just lost a very lucrative job that would have bailed me out of my lack. Didn’t take it too well. Need a sign things will be okay.

    • I hear you loud and clear, Susannah. I often feel as you do. I have to be very careful that I don’t allow fear and anxiety to separate me from the Lord. When we are told to cast all our cares on Him it means to throw them out to Him…the key is not to go pick them up again…I tend to do that. I am praying for peace and financial relief for you. All will be well…keep soldiering on.

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