Psalm 116:7 niv

lionrestThere are times that daily life is too busy, too troubled, too hurried, too anxious.
That is when we need to stop, just stop and rest, if only for a minute or two.
When we turn away from the cacophony of life we can think about 
 the blessings the Lord has given us and we will find the rest we need   
to be refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever is ahead.

Do you take time to rest when life gets crazy?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: morgueFile

4 thoughts on “Psalm 116:7 niv

  1. I do take time to rest, but so many times that rest is in the form of worldly entertainment. Thank you for redirecting my thoughts back to the Lord and His rest.

    • I love to rest with a book or movie or lunch with friends but sometimes that is not what I need. Sometimes I am given a push to put those things away and truly rest in Him. Not always easy in this crazy noisy demanding world but essential to soul health.

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