Psalm 138:7 nlt

fog-267978_640There are many different kinds of enemies that trouble us.
Some enemies are people we may or may not know
who want to harm us because of what we look like, 
where we live or worship,
who our family and friends are, what we have or what we lack.

But there are enemies that are more personal; finances and relationships,
physical illness and disability, mental and emotional problems that plague us.
We need not fear our enemies, whoever or whatever they are, for God is with us.

What enemies are you facing today?
Will you remember that God is bigger than they are and is at your side?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: pixabay 

2 thoughts on “Psalm 138:7 nlt

    • Sometimes we are our worst enemy. Sad isn’t it? It takes some work to guard our thoughts but once we build those guarding muscles up we are rewarded with peace of mind.

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