Isaiah 41:13 gwt


God does not make idle promises.  
If He says He will do it there is no question; He will do it.
He holds our hand and He won’t let go.

When you are afraid who gives you confidence?
The last time you were afraid who did you call?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: pixabay

2 thoughts on “Isaiah 41:13 gwt

  1. I love this…been praying to him a lot lately…for peace, courage…even faith that quite often falters. So many problems I have…surrounded by so much sadness and unrest. Remember the baby upstairs I wrote about? He passed in his sleep a couple months ago…on a Sunday…couldn’t bring myself to write about it…also lots of unrest here in my home in general, new owners, evil lurking…I truly believe Patricia God didn’t put us here to be so afraid.

    • He does not want to be afraid but we are imperfect people. I am often afraid; and when afraid I sometimes forget to give the Lord the fear and lean on Him. I cause myself a lot of grief with this neglect.
      I am sorry there has been so much sadness and unrest in your home. Home is our sanctuary or should be. I am praying for peace and the Spirit’s protection of your home.

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