Psalm 91:11 esv

guardianWe may not see the angels that watch over us but they are there.
God has commanded them to guard us.
That does not mean bad things won’t happen, sometimes they will,
but it does mean Satan will not have the victory in any battle we face.

Has there been a time you felt the presence of an angel?
Think back to that time, what did you feel, what happened,
how did you, or others, react or respond?

Blessings this day of grace,



4 thoughts on “Psalm 91:11 esv

  1. I can tell you stories about Angels, very few people believe it. And Devils as well, then people believe it. I don’t understand people believe in the Devil but not so much on the Angels.

    • I do wonder why people find it easier to believe devil stories and not angel stories. Maybe it is because the devil is so aggressive and pushy and angels tend to work quietly in the background?

  2. I do appreciate your dedication and time to spread the Word of God, Patricia. It makes me focus and reinforce myself that ALL is for the Glory of God. You are a blessings to me. Thank you. Perpetua.

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