Psalm 19:10-11 hcs


We are often annoyed by rules and laws, anyone’s rules and laws, even God’s.
We rarely think of them as desirable and sweet.
We may see that they are a warning or an admonishing, however, 
let us also understand that there is reward in keeping the law.
Unlike man-made laws that may reward us now
keeping God’s law has it rewards now and forever.

Do you dislike rules?
Will you try, this week, to think of them as desirable and sweet?

Blessings this day of grace,


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2 thoughts on “Psalm 19:10-11 hcs

  1. Thank you for encouraging us to look on His laws as a blessing and something sweet. I just read a blog post that told about a young girl asking for prayer, as she couldn’t afford college but wanted to go. Her mom and dad were divorced, and her father never helped them financially. He wasn’t invited to her high school graduation party .. . She just didn’t want anything to do with him. She was advised to invite him because God said to honor your mother and father. She was reluctant, but invited him. Later, she received a scholarship to go to college!

    • Thank you for sharing this! We need to tell of God’s goodness and faithfulness more often. Something so simple as putting aside feelings and do the right thing is not always easy for us to do but always results in blessing.

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