Psalm 19:12 nlt

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We are kidding ourselves if we think we know what all our sins are.
Some sin is deeply hidden or we do not recognize the sin for what it is.
To be rid of these concealed sins  we need to be honest and admit they are there
and ask the Lord to help us clean up our hearts.

Does it frighten you to consider hidden sins?
Do you think it is better to leave well enough alone?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: pixabay

4 thoughts on “Psalm 19:12 nlt

  1. I think knowing what our hidden sins are would not only be freeing but empowering. Hidden sin causes so much pain and depression it could only be a good thing to know what it/they are and face them with Christ.

    • Yes, ma’am! I think some of them are not so much hidden as we just don’t acknowledge that they are what they are…sin. Like you said so much pain and depression could be avoided if we would be willing to have those hidden sins exposed and not continue to hide them once we know of them.

    • I am always surprised when one of those hidden sins is brought to my attention. Sometimes I want to argue that they aren’t all that bad. Of course, that is silly of me. Just makes the lesson harder to learn. We are blessed by His patience and love and…discipline.

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