Deuteronomy 5:8-9a nlt


We have a jealous God.
 He is possessive of His people.  He will not share us with other gods.
He does not ask to be our only God…He expects and requires it.

The LORD  is my only God but sometimes I flirt with others.
Do you sometimes flirt with other gods?
How do you keep your eyes on the one true God and no other?

Blessings this day of grace,


Image: wikimedia


5 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 5:8-9a nlt

    • Yes, money can be a god! I never had a problem with this particular god until I came into a bit of money. Things changed then and I did not know it until the economy took a dive and most of the money was gone. That money god is totally unreliable! The Lord God is always the same, never changes, is always reliable, and never leaves us. Praise Him from whom blessings flow!

  1. Thank you for helping us draw closer to Him, Patricia! I guess I just ask Him what He wants me to give up and stop flirting with . . .and then ask Him to help me do it! I need lots of help! :).

    • Wise ways you have, Debbie. The key is definitely to recognize that we are flirting with something that is very dangerous to our souls and then to ask for help in averting our eyes and keeping them focused on the one true God.

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