Deuteronomy 5:12 niv


This is a hard one for me.
There were many years I worked on Sunday.  It was required by my employer.
I no longer have to work on Sunday but I cannot say I don’t work.
In all honesty I don’t quite understand how this command is kept.

Do you keep the Sabbath day holy?

Blessings this day of grace,


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10 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 5:12 niv

  1. If we are trying to keep one part of the law then we need to keep all of the law. We have been saved by Grace so we cannot boast about works. (Para) We are to set aside the Sabbath as Holy. Where does it say in the bible that keeping the sabbath means attending worship services? I don’t think it does. But I am willing to be proved wrong 🙂

    I no longer attend Sunday services, but I do not forsake the fellowship.

    • I don’t think it says anything about worship services and going to services can be a unholy time depending on our attitude and heart. I think, and this is just me thinking here, that every day is a Holy day for it is a day of Grace. I do think the Sabbath is to be set apart but more in the sense of rest and connection with God and those we love.

      Like you I am open to other thoughts and if I am wrong I will make the adjustments needed.

    • I think we are in a time of Sabbath now…that it isn’t just a day of the week. I don’t think going to church on Sunday makes it the Sabbath day. Maybe I am trying to understand something that is plain and simple and I am making it complicated.

  2. Patricia, this is a hard one for me too. And something I’ve been asking Him about. I had to stop even going to church, because my special needs gal just couldn’t handle it any more. When I prayed about it, I thought He told me that it wasn’t so much about what I did or didn’t do, but about my heart attitude. I’m not sure I understand that, but thank you for helping me to keep asking Him until I do! God bless you!

    • I can understand that it is the purity of our hearts that matter to Him. Many think that part of keeping the Sabbath holy is to go to church but i am not convinced of that. I don’t have answers here. I sort of think we are living in a time of the Sabbath. That it is not just a day but the age, the day of grace, we are living in and within that “day” we are to have a day or time of rest, a regular or set time, with our Lord unhindered by the busyness of our work days. As I said I don’t have answers just thoughts.

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