Hebrews 4:12 niv


His Word, the Bible, is one of the ways God communicates with us.
In it we learn what He wants and expects of us.
His sword is not used to destroy us but to shape us into His image.
It may hurt to have the dross cut away but the results will be heavenly.

Has the double-edged sword cut you recently?
What did you feel afterward?
Relief? Anger? Sadness? Gratitude? Loved? Confused?

Blessing this day of grace,patricia

Image: freedigitalphotos

7 thoughts on “Hebrews 4:12 niv

    • You are right, Elizabeth. Sometimes there is hurt but it is followed with healing. I find that the scars that are left are often beautiful blessings to remind me of our Lord’s love and care.

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