2 Peter 3:3-4 niv

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We all know those who are skeptics and mock what we believe.
They see only with their eyes and are skeptical
of anything they cannot see or touch.
We are to stand firm in our faith in the face of their antagonism.
We are messengers  of the Gospel.
We don’t have to convince them it’s true, God will see to it.

Do scoffers and mockers make you angry?  
Do you feel you have to convince people what you believe is truth?

Blessings thpatriciais day of grace,

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4 thoughts on “2 Peter 3:3-4 niv

  1. When I started pastoring I thought it was my job to convince people. I struggled through many years of feeling like a failure until the Spirit took me to the Book of Acts chapter 1 verse 8 “And you shall be my witnesses”. A witness job is not to convince or make people choose it is to testify. The judge and jury are responsible for their own choices. I have learned that as long as I am faithful to tell the truth what people do with that truth is their monkey not mine.

    • What a wonderful comment. I like how you compare the courtroom to the Court of God. I am going to remember this when I try to explain why I think the way I do on this topic.

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