Psalm 16:8-9 hcs


When we feel vulnerable, unsure of ourselves, and afraid
it is usually because we have forgotten the Lord.
We don’t deliberately forget but in our busyness He slips our mind;
He is somewhere in the shadows of our thoughts.
Whether or not we remember Him He never forgets us and is always with us.

When your world is shaken and you tremble what or who do you go to?
When you go there are you glad and do you rejoice and feel safe?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

Image: wikimedia

4 thoughts on “Psalm 16:8-9 hcs

    • I am thankful, and humbled, that this was helpful to you. Interesting how we let the most important thing slip while being busy with the mundane. We are blessed with an understanding and patient Lord.

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