Exodus 33:14 gw


Moses knew he was to lead Israel to the land promised to them
but, he didn’t know who God was going to send with him.
When asked God told Moses that His Presence would go with him.

We are on a journey to the land we have been promised
and as with Moses God’s Presence travels with us.

Do you at times feel anxious and anything but peaceful
while on this journey?
Is it because you have forgotten Who travels with you?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

Image: morgueFile

2 thoughts on “Exodus 33:14 gw

    • Thank, Debbie. I never really got anywhere before I knew the Lord. It is only by His grace and mercy I survived to know Him.

      Teddy is beginning to understand Jack is here to stay and Jack is like kid brothers of all species…

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