Jude 1:24 nlt


There is nothing we can do to earn our way into Heaven
Jesus did what we cannot and one day we will be brought into God’s presence.    
What a day that will be!

Do you think about what it will be like to be face to face with Him?
What emotions rise up within you when you think about that day?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

Image: morgueFile

4 thoughts on “Jude 1:24 nlt

    • Yes, when people look at us they should see the love of Jesus looking back at them. Sadly, I often fall so short of this. Some things are hard but He is faithful and helps us become more like Him. What a blessing!

  1. Hello Patricia, I have come to the understanding that we are living in ‘God’s Presence’ and the way to connect to that infinite presence is through our awareness / attention. When we are attentive enough we can sense and experience that presence which is a miracle by itself unfolding in every moment. It’s truely wonderful and fulfilling.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, we are living in God’s presence today. But we do not see Him that will happen in Heaven when we can gaze upon His beauty in His temple (Ps 27:4) That is when we will be without fault/sin. That will be a glorious day!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Neil,it is a blessing hearing from you.

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