Romans 12:9 niv


Seems like this should be easy.
But it is not easy to find, or give, love that is pure without selfish motives.
And it is not easy to hate evil.    
It is so prevalent we don’t even notice it or are unmoved when we see it.
We get tired of holding on to good while the world
is pulling us in so many directions.

But, we have a Teacher and Counselor who will help us
 love unselfishly, see the true ugliness of evil,
and give us strength when we are tired.
We don’t need an appointment.
He is always available. 

Jesus is always available to us…are you always available to Him?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

Image: pixabay

4 thoughts on “Romans 12:9 niv

  1. This is ever the question, yes indeed. Am I present with God and others, or lost in my own script? We experience true love when we can find ourself exposed in His process of discipline in the moment, and yet not feel ashamed. For shame comes from fear, and God loves us perfectly. It is a good thing to recall Jesus is LORD, in these moments. It’s easy when we are doing what is right; harder when we feel justified in living according to our standards.
    Thanks Sister!

    • “According to our standards”…so easy to let ourselves think our standards are up to His. What should be simple we make so complex because we want to be right in ourselves without thought of who is Lord of our life.

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