Romans 12:10 niv


We are brothers and sisters, family.  
Love unselfishly and faithfully  
Be respectful and give to others before giving to self.  

The family we were born to may know how to love perfectly but,
our Father in Heaven does; He and his Son will show us how to love each other.

Is there conflict in your family?
Will you put aside self and love them through the difficulties?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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2 thoughts on “Romans 12:10 niv

  1. ‘We don’t love too good, so teach us how’..(words in a song I love) asking God to beat our swords into plows, and to be our “all”. May this be our plea as God moves us from ” me” to we. Our father…

    • Yes, the I of the ego is a stumbling block to loving unselfishly. I am so thankful that our Father is a patient father for in so many things I struggle to be who He would have me be.

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