On September 14th of last year, I said Adieu. My plan was to take a short break while I spent some time thinking about the direction and the next steps of Day of Grace.  That short break has been almost a year!  It’s been a year of ups and downs, good and bad, obedience and rebellion, laughter and tears, holding on and letting go, and most of all talking to Jesus about everything and anything.

I have always prayed even when I wasn’t sure who I was praying to or if there was anyone listening to my prayers or if they mattered.  When I found the One who was listening and that yes my prayers did matter to Him prayer became more than me and my little world. Yet, somehow over time, my prayers became all about me and what I want and who I am. My prayer time was all about me with very little thought given to whom I was directing my prayers.  I was doing all the talking and none of the listening.  To be honest this got a bit boring and prayer time became a chore.  I knew something had to change and I knew who it was that had to make the changes.

I stopped talking so much.  I started listening. There were no thunderings, angels singing, bells ringing, or great revelations.  There was just quiet, uncomfortable silence at first then a gentle stirring that brought peace to the quiet. That gentle stirring was the Spirit clearing out the clang and clutter in my mind and heart, making way for Jesus to join the conversation.  And what a conversationalist He is!  He not only listens but has a lot to say.

Some of our conversations have been about the future of Day of Grace.  Yes, there is a future for this blog and it starts today.

 Here’s what you will find here:

  • Monday and Wednesday there will be some of what Jesus and I talk about.
  • Tuesday and Thursday probably just a quote from someone you may or may not have heard of, maybe a word or picture that says something to me or makes me think, maybe nothing at all.
  • Friday perhaps a short reflection on something I wrote during the week or something from the news, or something I saw or heard or thought about. Maybe something else. I am not sure what you will see on Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday quiet.  I have learned I need to be quiet sometimes.

Of course, this may all change but for now, that’s the plan.  I hope you will visit and let me know in the comments that you have been here and what you are thinking.

Blessings this day of grace,

6 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I was delighted to see a post showing up on my Bloglovin’ reader for Day of Grace! I really like your plan for upcoming posts and I know that I can learn from and be uplifted by what you share! This is my blessing for today, in a month where I surely need prayers and blessings! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Josie. You are such a blessing! I continue to pray for you as the Lord leads. If you have a prayer request please email me and I will talk to Jesus with you.

  2. Goodness gracious. There is grace indeed an d thank you for showing your presence again. Yes, it’s good to be quiet but then again, it’s good to talk. There is a season for everything. Looking forward to sharing faith with you, Patricia. Blessings. Perpetua

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