6 thoughts on “Prayer is simply

  1. You are so right, regular communication is so important. The listing part is hard. At times I wish God would just send out a post like the rest of the bloggers. He has the grace to continue working with me so I know he has a real good sense of humor. There are times when I’m sure he would like to drop me along the path and not look back over his shoulder, but he continues to carry me along. Bless you and your blog.

    • Listening is hard! There is always something I want to say. God never would like to drop you along the path and not look back, He loves you too much for that to happen. Oh, and God does have a blog it’s called the Bible and it is online now. 🙂

    • Way too easy to forget the two-way part! Like you, I have had to learn that prayer is not one-sided but a sharing of thoughts. Our God is patient and not in a hurry giving us time to learn the finer points of conversation with Him.

    • Prayer is meant to be a conversation with God. I often forget that though He wants to hear what I have to say He also wants me to listen to what He has to say. Sometimes I wish He would shout at me to be quiet and listen but that is not His way.

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