Good Medicine


Sometimes when I am not feeling well I start feeling sorry for myself.  I then have a pity poor Patricia party. I invite Woe Is Me to the party who usually brings along Anger. Then Sadness and Depression come uninvited but ready to have a good time even though I don’t like them at all. Still, I do my best to make everyone, invited and uninvited, feel at home and welcome.

The one person I don’t invite to these parties is Jesus. I just feel He would not be comfortable and that would make me uncomfortable and maybe make the others think I am not enjoying their company which I am not but as a good hostess I don’t want that. Anyway, I don’t ask Jesus to come. Of course, He is always with me so He is at the party, just sort of in the background.

If you know Jesus you know He doesn’t stay in the background for long. He is the Great Physician, you know, and doesn’t like to see His people partying with those who pull them down into the pit of self-pity sickness. He always knows what to do and what to say to get all the guests at the party to leave so He can help me on my way to feeling better. He uses different approaches to the healing of my heart. After listening to me wail and cry for awhile He does His thing. Sometimes He soothes me so I sleep, sees to it that a friend gets in touch with me, revives my appetite, has a cat snuggle and purr on my lap…whatever it takes to turn my attention away from me to Him.

He is really quite diverse in His methods and some aren’t as pleasant as the ones I mentioned. Like when He just lets me wallow until I can’t stand myself anymore then I take a shower, get dressed, and go for a walk. Jesus and I talk then and before long whether or not I feel better physically all is well in my world again. It really is about the condition of the heart and when that is not right you need good medicine.

Blessings this day of grace,


6 thoughts on “Good Medicine

  1. I often invite Me and Myself to my pity parties, and our favorite party food is crow washed down with wormwood.

    Thanks be to God that we are not saved based on keeping our attitudes always “happy-happy-happy”.
    I’m a prayer-walker too, and sometimes I get to herd cats while Jesus and I walk&talk.

    Peace to you sister.

  2. This was a beautifully written story that made the message come through loud and clear. I tend to hold parties like that too, but I know it’s not how I want to feel, I am just forgetting to honor the most important guest of all – Jesus. Thank you for the reminder.

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