6 thoughts on “Things

  1. True, true, true! If we are looking for joy and contentment in possessions or even other people, we will never really find it in a lasting way. Joy comes from the heart, in believing, and in giving to others. My most joyful experiences in life are when I helped someone else or gave them a reason to smile. I thing this is what being a servant in the footsteps of our Master is all about. The older I get the fewer things I want to own.

    1. It does seem that the more things I collect the less satisfied I am, always wanting more. I am in a time of reflection of where I am and what I have and where I could be with less and how to get there. I think if I had less I could give more.
      I am praying for your joy and contentment during this time of changes in your life.

      1. Thank you, I truly appreciate your prayers. This is a challenging time, although I am really appreciating the time to rest, restore, and address some of the housekeeping issues that never get done.

    1. This is something that took me awhile to learn. Life is so much better with fewer things filling our hearts so we can have more of Jesus. Although, I must add that there are times of things sort of taking over and I have to have a talk with Jesus to clear the clutter.

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