6 thoughts on “Things

  1. True, true, true! If we are looking for joy and contentment in possessions or even other people, we will never really find it in a lasting way. Joy comes from the heart, in believing, and in giving to others. My most joyful experiences in life are when I helped someone else or gave them a reason to smile. I thing this is what being a servant in the footsteps of our Master is all about. The older I get the fewer things I want to own.

    • It does seem that the more things I collect the less satisfied I am, always wanting more. I am in a time of reflection of where I am and what I have and where I could be with less and how to get there. I think if I had less I could give more.
      I am praying for your joy and contentment during this time of changes in your life.

    • This is something that took me awhile to learn. Life is so much better with fewer things filling our hearts so we can have more of Jesus. Although, I must add that there are times of things sort of taking over and I have to have a talk with Jesus to clear the clutter.

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