New Hearts

When we accept Jesus for who He is, not just some nice guy who did amazing things way back when, but as our Redeemer, our Lord and Savior, He gives us a new heart and a new spirit. He throws away the old rock-hard stubborn heart and replaces it with a new merciful and teachable heart. That is an amazing thing!

However, we must guard this new amazing heart because it is not only good that is in newheartthe world there is also evil.  The god of evil, satan, wants back in our heart to do his work. He will do whatever he can to take out the goodness and put ugliness in its place. He will try to make our softened heart bitter and hateful. He wants us to reflect his image not the image of our Lord Jesus.

When we sin satan wins. When we confess and repent he loses. These are battles that are fought every day. But we are not without resources and help in these battles. The Spirit is in our hearts, a fellow warrior who will not be conquered, who fights along with us who will not relinquish his hold on our hearts. Sadly, we still sin and the fights go on and on.But with Jesus at our side, we stand guard over our hearts and have victories. We could not do this by ourselves. Thankfully, the Spirit does not tire or give up, He stands strong and shares His strength with us.

Blessings this day of grace,

4 thoughts on “New Hearts

    • I want that constant good and godly heart, too! It is a battle but the war has been won but our foe just doesn’t believe it. What’s important is that we believe it and live as victors.

  1. Thank you, Patricia, for the reminder He doesn’t give up on us; the transformation is ongoing. Equally important is your reminder that we’re in a battle. But, praise God and His grace, we’re on the winning side. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • We must encourage one another on the battlefield, Wendy. The war has been won, we are to live as victorious warriors. Not an easy task but together the church, His people, can do it.

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