What I Learned

I was reading Psalm 116 and in the first nine verses this is what I learned about the Lord:

  • He hears my voice. My voice. He hears it! (v1)
  • He bends down to listen. He wants to hear me clearly so He comes close to me.(v2)
  • He is kind, good, merciful to me. (v5)
  • He protects me when my faith is childlike and has saved me from death. (v6)
  • He lets me rest and is good to me. (v7)
  • He saves me from death, tears, stumbling. (v8)

All of the above is amazing. It humbles me. Who am I to deserve all this attention from God?  I don’t always speak to Him with quiet reverence. Sometimes, I shout in anger or whine and complain. Still, He bends down to listen to me.

He is kind, good, and merciful to me though more often than not I deserve a good thrashing. He protects me in spite of my lack of pure faith and He has redeemed me so I will live though death is what I should expect. He gives me rest when I am weary of the realities of today. He gives me life, wipes away my tears, and keeps me from falling away from Him.  He does all this for me though I am not worthy.




4 thoughts on “What I Learned

  1. We are so lucky to have such an awesome God. He knows everything about us and our needs and wants that helped us with our ambitions. How people can have a god who sends them off to murder innocent people, is beyond comprehension to me.

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