9 thoughts on “Real Peace

  1. This echoes deeply in truth. Peace does begin within each of us. When we can be at peace within ourselves, we can then become a peacemaker with others. Of course, they need to be open to peace. Unfortunately, too many scream, stomp their feet, and judge others instead of accepting what is, “is”. Through acceptance, we find peace. Only then we can really love. I learn more of this every day, because I am so very human. Gandhi is one of the great teachers. He is one of my favourites, too. Thank you, dear friend. Hugs.

    • I sometimes wonder if some folks are afraid of peace because it is so foreign to them. They just don’t recognize it and that is why they find it so hard to accept offers of peace.

      • That is a good question. Some people live with drama as a way of life. They question everything, creating chaos that is not actually there. They have restrictions on what they see love as, missing out on opportunities of the peace that comes with love.

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