Genesis 2:2 nlt


Each day God created something in preparation for the next day.
Nothing was left to chance there was no randomness to it,
He knew from day one what He would do on day six.
When everything was ready and not a moment before,
He created man and woman, us, His children.
Then He rested on the seventh day.

Do you wonder at the care God took to prepare the earth for us?
How do you thank Him for this place he made for us?

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Genesis 1:27 nlt


On the sixth day, God created wild animals, livestock and crawling creatures.
Then He created people, man and woman.
People are the only life that God created to be like Him.
Not that we would be gods, but that we would have His nature
and reflect His perfection in our lives.

What do you feel when thinking about being created in His image?
What does it mean to you?

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Genesis 1:20 msg


Day five brought fish and birds.
Fish and sea life filled the waters with color and movement.
Birds spread their feathered wings and flew through the air.
Each created to flourish in its own environment.
God is in the details of life.

Does it fill you with wonder how fish and birds
each has its place made just for them to live and thrive?

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Genesis 1:14 nlt


Think how dull it would be if the only way we determined the time 
was with clocks and calendars.
Think how tedious time would be if it all looked the same.
God is an artist whose palate has many colors and textures.

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like
all the same color and texture and temperature?

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Genesis 1:9,11 niv


Look around you and see the work of God. 
Every plant has a place and reason; nothing is random.
There is beauty and diversity in the natural world around us.
 Nature not only provides needed things like food and medicines
and the resources for building and recreation it also
gives inspiration for our own creative endeavors.
There is the practical of nature, but there is the wonder of it, too.

What is your favorite wonder of nature?
How does nature inspire you?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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