Hebrews 2:1 niv

birds-216827_640It takes no effort to drift.
We just relax and stop paying attention, b
efore you know it
we are in a place with no idea how we got there.

We can drift off on our own, be softly jostled, or be roughly pushed.
Whatever the cause what is most important is that we know the way home.

What makes your attention waver?
If you begin to drift how do you get back home?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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Job 36:15 nlt


Many times there seems to be no reason for our suffering.
It could be that we are suffering because we aren’t listening
and need something to get our attention.

Often I suffer because I hear but don’t listen.

Do you sometimes need a hard knock to get your attention?
When was a time you suffered for not paying attention?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Waiting Without Complaint…

Waiting is often tiring, sometimes boring, once in a while fun, and it can be interesting.  Our attitude determines a lot about how we feel when waiting.  When waiting we can fret and fume, thinking about all that we  should or could be doing, or we can relax and look at the world around us.

I am learning to wait for the Lord.  This waiting is not tiring or boring, so far not especially fun, but it is interesting and challenging.  Interesting because there is a lot about waiting I did not know and challenging because what I do not know I am now learning.  Learning the things I am learning are not easy lessons for me.

I am learning we are to be still before the Lord.  Sounds fairly simple.  But to be still is to be silent, tranquil, unruffled, and deliberate.  Being still, as in not moving, is not so difficult but to be silent and tranquil takes some practice.  How often are you truly silent?  If you are like me, not very often.  Most of us tend to have noisy heads.  We may not be talking with another person but we sure can have some mighty fine conversations with ourselves.  When we  engage in conversation of any kind we are not still.

Then we are to be deliberate in our stillness.  We are to take the time to be still before the Lord. Quietly and calmly, unruffled by whatever is going on around us–or in us.  He is to be before us, we are to be looking at Him, He is to have our full and complete attention.

And, when we wait, what are we to be doing?   We are to prepare, get ready.  We are to expect the Lord.  We are to be actively waiting, not daydreaming or sleeping.

How are we to actively wait?  Patiently, enduring without complaint, peaceful and content.  If you observe people waiting you will see that most are not peaceful and content and most will be complaining, if not verbally then with their body language.  Yet, we are to wait, to suffer the wait without complaint.  If we do this we will be peaceful and content.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him

 Psalm 37:7a

I wonder how long it will take me to learn these lessons? 

 And I wonder how often I will need reminding (and disciplining) before this kind waiting becomes part of my character?

Just wondering…