Genesis 15:6 niv


Abram was counted as righteous because he believed God
not because he believed in God.
Just as we can know of a person and not know them personally
so it is with God.
Believing in God is the beginning of faith,
from there we are to know Him and believe Him.

Have you thought about this?
Do you see the difference between believing in and believing?

Blessings this day of grace,


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John 20:26-27 gwt

flowerThomas was not with the others the first time
Jesus joined the disciples in the locked room.
Thomas told them he would not believe
unless he saw Jesus and touched His wounds.

Today we do not see and cannot touch the wounds of our Lord.
Today we have the written record, the Bible, that we may believe.
When we believe what is written we have life in His name.

Were you a doubting Thomas?
When did you stop doubting and believe?

Blessings this day of grace,


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John 14:1 esv


Jesus says not to let your heart be troubled.
He is telling you how to have peace in your heart.
Believe in the Father and the Son.

Some translations say trust in God and trust in me.

No complicated formulas or rituals to remember;
just believe , just trust.

Are you trying to believe or trust through doing?
Will you sit quietly for a time and simply believe?

Blessings this day of grace,


1 John 4:16

herat 20

To abide means to dwell, remain, stand fast, persevere.
It is not a wimpy little word.  It is a strong and courageous word.

When we come to know and believe the love God has for us
we have the assurance of His love.  Therefore, we are confident that He loves us,
and  we can abide with Him without doubt.

Think about  the word abide.

What does it mean to you?
Are you abiding in love and in God?
Are you confident that He abides in you?

May this be a day of grace,