Luke 2:1-4 gw


God’s timing of His plan is not always the most convenient.
I think Mary and Joseph were not happy about having to travel
from Nazareth to Bethlehem when it was time for the birth of her baby.
But His plans called for the Messiah to be born in Bethlehem
and He used a Roman Emperor to get Mary and Joseph
where they needed to be at just the right time.

I often complain when I feel inconvenienced.
Reflecting on these verses has made me think about my attitude!

How do you respond when inconvenienced?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Luke 2:4-6 niv


God is not a God of the just the big picture. 
He is in the details too.

Have you thought about how all the details come together in God’s plan and purpose?
Do you know He is in the details, not only in His plans for the world, but also in your life?

Blessings this day of grace,


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