Matthew 5:9 kjv

dove We are meant to bring peace and unity where there is discord and hostility.    
Not just to nations but also to those near us.   
 Family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are some of the people
that need peacemakers to help bring reconciliation and harmony
back into their relationships.

  We reflect the image of Christ when we bring peace to others. 
When others see Christ in us we will be called children of God.

How do you respond to conflict?  
Are you a peacemaker?

Blessing this day of grace,


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1 John 3:1a msg


God is your Father; you are His child.
That is your true identity.

No one can steal your identity.
You have the Holy Spirit and He won’t allow it. 
Once you are part of the family that’s it!

Do you ever wonder who you really are and where you belong?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

It’s not all about me…

“It’s not all about me” is a hard lesson but one that must be learned.  Children need to be taught it is not all about them;  they do not come into the world knowing this, in fact, it is far from their reality.  If they do not learn the lesson they are undisciplined, spoiled, and difficult, in a word, brats.  When children are not taught it is not all about them they become undisciplined, spoiled, and difficult  adult brats.

I learned “it’s not all about me” early on but in honesty I sometimes forget.  I often want it to be all about me and sometimes I do all I can to make it all about me.  My thoughts become focused on my wants and desires, my behavior  becomes rude and unkind, very brat-like.   Those are times I need a good talking to–I need  reminded of who I am and Who I am not.

If we are wise we will be like John the Baptist.  He knew all along it was not all about him.  He knew he was simply God’s messenger sent ahead of Christ to make Him known.  He knew the One who would come after him would be the greater because He was before him.

After John baptized Jesus in the waters of the Jordan River, Jesus began baptizing with the Holy Spirit.  Some of John’s disciples were bothered that everyone was going to Jesus for baptism.  However, John was not, he knew it was not all about him, but all about the One for whom he had waited and listened and that gave him joy.  He knew that Jesus would become greater and he would become less.  That made John’s joy complete.

Is that not the greatest “it’s not about me”?  To be who God calls you to be  while He becomes greater in your life and you become less and to have your joy made complete in Him.  This is my prayer for me and you.

He must become greater; and I must become less. John 3:30

I wonder  when I sometimes, or more honestly, often, want it  “all about me”  if what I am really saying is that God’s calling for me is not enough?

I wonder if He is becoming greater (in my life) and I am becoming less?

I wonder if more of Jesus is seen in me today then yesterday?

Just wondering…