God’s Plan

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Proverbs 16:3 lb


When we make plans we often forget to include God
though it is He who we should consult before going forward.
Having God on our planning committee will help us
with the choices and decisions we will have to make.
And He will be there if our plans don’t work out the way
we thought they would or should by helping us to see
what He has planned for us which is always better than
anything we could think of on our own.

When you are making plans, big or small, do you talk with God about them?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Psalm 33:11 niv

generations-462134_640 (1)We can struggle, argue, and debate with the Lord all we want.
In the end, His plans and purposes will prevail.
He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between.
He is God.  We are not.

Are you questioning God about something?
Are you listening for His answer or your own?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Jeremiah 29:11 gw

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As we start the new year, remember:
plans for us have been made,
we have a guidebook with instructions,
we have a Guide.
All we have to do is take the first step of the year
and we are on our way.

What plans do you have for 2015?
Have you talked with the Lord about them?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Proverbs 19:21 esv


It is good to have plans, to give thought to what we want to do.
It is wise to consider what God’s plans are before we make our own.
He knows what we are meant to do and why.
Using His plan as a guide for ours will make life
more satisfying, successful, and joyful.

What is the first thing you do when making plans?
What tops your life’s to-do list?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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