What does the world see?

I believe every life has a reason, a purpose.  But, there are times I wonder what is the purpose of my life, what am I meant to accomplish.  I wonder, who do the people of this world see when they look at me?

I am not a doctor or nurse who heals, or a teacher or coach who expands horizons with knowledge.  I am not in the police or fire departments protecting property and lives, and I am not a wife or mother making a home for those she loves.

Not especially successful or accomplished in the world’s eyes.

I am intelligent but not educated, creative but not an artist, focused but not goal oriented.

I guess the world does not see me as one who uses what she has to full advantage.

I am a quiet older woman who has been hurt and broken and is happy and blessed, one with fears and doubts who has wandered to places she was never meant to go.

A pretty normal life, nothing special to the world.

But, is that the whole truth of my life?  If looked at from another perspective who would be seen?

Maybe, the world would see a woman who tries to soothe pain, be a good example, protect those who are weak or frightened or hurting, and nurture those she loves;  a woman with practical common sense, imagination, and can stay on track finishing what she starts.

Maybe, the world would see a woman who not only listens with her ears but hears with her heart, a woman who may not understand everything in life but who has discernment, one who knows hurts heal and scar making one stronger, one who has gained wisdom from having her faith shaken.  A woman who is no longer lost.

Maybe this is not who the world sees but who, I hope, the Lord sees.

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me,
your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.

Psalm 138:8a  NIV

While I may not know His purpose for me completely I do have glimpses of it now and then.  Because He loves me I know His purpose, His plan, for me will continue to unfold until I see Him face to face and I am complete.

Is that not a wonder!

Just wondering…