Proverbs 21:3 niv


The Lord welcomes our sacrifices when we have 
a right and fair heart concerned for the good of all.
If our hearts are not honorable and principled 
our sacrifices are empty and worthless.

What is your heart like?
What is more important to you, what you do or what you sacrifice?

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1 Peter 2:5 esv


We as individuals make up the church, the spiritual house.
In His house, we are priests, set apart to offer sacrifices.
With Jesus as our example we offer sacrifice of self for others.
We offer prayer and praise, charity, service, and good works.
Our offerings are accepted by God only because of the sacrifice of Christ.
As He gave himself for our good so we do for others
with faith and love for the glory of God.

Do you think of yourself as holy, set apart for God’s glory?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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Psalm 4:5 nlt

Find your way

We are to offer righteous sacrifices with broken and remorseful hearts filled with faith.
 If we sacrifice with the wrong spirit or attitude without faith our sacrifice is hollow.

Do you fully trust God with no reservations?

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Romans 12:1nlt


We often talk about giving our minds and hearts to God, 
but rarely about giving our bodies to Him.
 He wants every part of our being, He wants all of us.
He does not want dead bodies He wants living bodies.
Bodies that are set apart for Him. 
Honest, honorable, hard-working bodies.
Bodies cared for, respected, loved, works in progress.

What is your body like?
Have you asked God for a progress report recently?

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Philippians 4:18 esv


When we sacrifice for others we are giving to God,
giving to Him through those who are in need.  
This is what He desires of us and it pleases Him when we are generous.

When you give do you sacrifice from the firstfruits or from the “leftovers”?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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