Ecclesiastes 3:6 nlt


There are those who spend their whole life searching for something.
They continue to search even after they have found it.
When we find Jesus it is time to stop searching for Him
and time to start searching to know Him.

Have you found what you were looking for?
What are you going to do now?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Psalm 139:23 niv


Our hearts and thoughts are transparent to God.
When we ask Him to search, know, and test our hearts and thoughts we are exposing
our innermost being to His inspection and observation.
We are asking Him to do whatever needs to be done to make us holy.

There are times I want to hide from God because of my sins.
That is when I need to be humble and honest before God and with myself.

Does this verse make you uncomfortable or give you courage?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Seeking God, part 1…

We are told that to know God we must seek Him.  So, we pray, read the bible, meditate, spend time with other believers, attend bible studies and church.  Yet, with all that, do we really seek Him?  To seek Him is not meant to be a passive activity.  We are to strive after and diligently search for Him.

To strive after something is to use effort and energy.  It is to labor and struggle and fight to receive something valuable, a prize or reward, a gift.

When we search for something we go looking. We look everywhere.  We dig and uncover and sort through things to find what we are searching for. We make a careful and thorough investigation and examination of the facts.

God knows us.  He does not need to seek and strive to know us. He created us.  He knows us before we are born.  And He wants us to know Him.

God is easy to find.  Yet, He is not easy to know.  He is complex; commanding and compassionate, demanding and loving, majestic and simple, authoritative and forgiving. He seems to be contrary, reactionary, unreasonable, capricious.  However, in truth, He is absolute, constant, never-changing, perfect.

When we patiently persist and persevere as we seek Him, He will reveal Himself and we will know Him.

You will seek Me and find Me,

when you seek Me with all your heart

Jeremiah 29:13

I wonder if I have labored like this?

I wonder if my spiritual muscles have ever ached because of my seeking?

Just wondering…